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Offsite Backups and Disaster Recovery

computer2The majority of businesses either do not have a backup plan or perform onsite backups but never test their ability to recover their data.

Disaster can strike in any number of ways, lost hard drives, staff error, damage to your location, malware infections or sabotage. Protect your business by having your data encrypted and backed up offsite where its safe and secure.

RHYNO365 backups are taken on your workstations or servers, typically taken hourly throughout the week to ensure comprehensive data capture. Data is saved to your location, encrypted, and replicated offsite on RHYNO365 servers for secure storage on our offsite servers.

Backups are accessible and can be mounted for file recovery in a matter of minutes. RHYNO 365 can back up data from typical word processing, spread sheets and databases.



Backup software is easily installed and does not interfere with daily operations

Backups are taken throughout the day to ensure data is fully protected

Backups can only be opened through the backup program and are password protected

Backups spin up quickly and it only takes a few moments to restore a missing file or folder

In case of emergency, entire servers can be restored in a matter of hours.

Backups are customizable, choose which data to protect.

Backups are checked daily to ensure data is secure and recoverable.

Data can be replicated offsite to protect against a local disaster.

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